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Welcome to CCA's website.  Christian Creation Association has been in existence since the summer of 2003, when a group of believers in the Young Earth creation theory decided they wanted to do more, and make an impact on their community. Since that time, CCA has been meeting regularly to plan events, promote exposure to the theory of biblical Creation, and evangelize. Meetings are held regularly every other Tuesday evenings. See "Join CCA" for more information.

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Check out our Creation Tent at the Rock County 

Is Chris Jason is explaining the fine points of the six definitions of evolution to these young ladies?  We can't help it, sometimes the supposed evidence supporting Evolution is so ridiculous we find ourselves laughing!  And people who come to our tent and take our series of tests often find themselves laughing too!  What do you say about a theory that says "Nothing exploded and became everything"?   Can you really discuss it with a straight face? 

Or how about a theory that says they can't find evidence supporting a slow, gradual change from one kind of animal to another, so the LACK of evidence means it happened quickly.
  Walla -- we have the  evolutionary theory of Punctuated Equilibrium: one day a reptile laid an egg and a bird popped out!  We are still wondering who that bird married, but the theory doesn't take it that far.

Speaking of lack of evidence, life from non-living material poses quite a few problems for the Evolutionist too, as we have never seen this happen.  They say it all started when it rained on the rocks and made primordial soup, which then came to life.  What evidence do they offer?  Well, we're here, aren't we?  Isn't that evidence enough?  We think NOT!! 

Our Boards are full of illustrations that, in a humorous way, show that to believe the theory of Evolution a person needs lay aside their brains and logic and BELIEVE what is taught regardless of the lack of visible evidence.  And illogically enough, this is exactly their accusation against  religion and belief in God, that it is based on belief, not evidence! 

Well, this is why we need 16 Boards, chock-full of evidence -- crammed, overflowing as a matter of fact -- of evidence after evidence from science and history.  There is so much to say and only 16 Boards to say it in, with pictures and drawings to illustrate! For every evidence on the Boards, we had to pick through mountains of evidences and leave out many other evidences with not enough space to be brought in. 
So come on down, join us.  Have some fun, take some tests, win some prizes!  We have tests for every age level.  It is a win-win, if you can't find the answer on the Boards or don't understand what something means, we are eager to help and by the way, we have some laughs and fun in the process.   And when you're done you get a prize.  If you take five tests, you get a degree with your name on it from the University of Biblical Reality.  How much better do things get!


Update on our talks: Talk 6, Dave Curtis, our apologetics guy talks about the Bible, and biblical reasons to trust the science in the Bible. His focus is on Genesis, and the importance for us as Christians to understand and believe the Bible as written.

If you enjoyed Chris Jason's Talk 1 and 2 before, you will love the new updated - kicked-up-a-notch version! Ursula stayed up late a few nights on the internet and her new graphics have us in stitches. The Creation message is always new and young around here--geared even more to excite the younger crowd.

Book your youth group now! Now is the time to talk about the issues the media bombards our culture with.  These godless presentations are designed to destroy faith and create doubt.  Our goal is to tell the truth about Evolution, the  creation/evolution debate, and bolster faith. In Talk 3, we even talk about the biblical view about ALIENS- are they real, what are they, why so many appearances and who do they appear to? and WHY...

Go to presentation page for full list...

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Chris Jason on Creation on dvd PART I  and II $20.00(USD) Email CCA to order

The Creation Tent Ministry:

On the Frontlines

Why?  Why should so much money, so much effort and so much push be made by the  educational system, the media, museums, zoos, TV, radio, and everything else -- to try to convince people that Evolution is true?  Why do they bombard us with godless evolution day and night?  The answer is: THIS IS WAR! And the war is to win the minds and souls of people, all people, everywhere.  This is a war between God and Satan, and people are daily choosing which side they want to be on. This war has been going on since Adam and Eve disobeyed God, and the Bible is God's miraculous communication to us to tell who He is and He wants us to do. 
Remember when they still called Evolution a theory?  That concept is quickly fading as the propaganda is spread, especially targeting the next generation.   If this theory were so great and so true, why do they have to throw so much money and effort trying to convince us of its truth?  Why haven't their boundless PR campaigns been more successful?  Polls show a majority of people don't actually buy in to the evolutionary theory  -- including 55% of the scientists!  And our job at the Creation Tent is to reveal the censored evidence, point out the obvious weakness, and show  how much is un-scientific and un-historical about the theory! 
Each year at the Creation Tent we have spoken with over a thousand youngsters (and oldsters!), sharing truths relating to Creation and Salvation.  Our series of 16 Creation Boards show how real science and real history actually fit well with the Biblical narrative.  The boards  are chuck full of evidence showing how  EXPERIMENTAL, TESTABLE AND REPEATABLE SCIENCE and real HISTORICAL EVIDENCE actually SUPPORT the Biblical accounts and work  as evidence AGAINST the evolutionary theory.  Those who teach otherwise are bending the evidence and ignoring or discounting  problems related to their theory. 

How does anyone get convinced of the Theory of Evolution?  It isn't based on compelling evidence, because upon examination anything they call evidence isn't very compelling.  How do they get anyone to believe it?


1.  DAZZLE THEM. With evidence.  With complicated facts and theories.   Well, unless you're really smart and have more education than you have, you won't be able to really see how the evidence works.  You will have to just believe it when they say it is evidence.
2. Convince them that EVOLUTION IS PART OF SCIENCE.  USE THE WORD "SCIENCE", implying that it is SCIENTIFIC.  We just shouldn't stop to think that all that is presented as science isn't EQUALLY scientific.  Science is testable and repeatable.  That's the scientific method, look it up.  We're not supposed to be smart enough to figure out that when the word science is used to describe the INTERPRETATION of things that happened in the past, such as how the earth was made, that they are calling it science but it no longer fits the testable-repeatable definition of science.  It's not  scientific.  Evolution  shouldn't actually be taught as science but as a RELIGION, because it is based on what a person chooses to BELIEVE without scientific  evidence.  And they  indeed do have a religious fervor and evangelistic enthusiasm as they spread their doctrine!
3.  Understand that whatever your field of expertise is, THE STRONGEST EVIDENCE LIES IN A DIFFERENT FIELD.  Did you graduate with the highest honors in Biology?  Well, the strongest evidence is over in the field of geology, so you will have to take the word of people in that field.  Are you a geologist?  Well, the strongest evidence is in the field of astronomy, so you will have to take the word of people in that field.  What, you aren't a degreed scientist with a lab coat and everything?  Certainly you won't understand anything, you will have to take the word of someone smarter than you.  Science has become compartmentalized -- experts are only experts in their field and would never dream of "speaking to" an area outside their tiny field of expertise-- everyone is taking someone else's word for it and no one is pointing out that the proverbial emperor has no clothes!
4.  CENSOR THE FACTS in Science and History.  Don't deal with opposing facts at all, treat them with silence.  Ancient man left us technology we can't duplicate today, such as the Great Pyramid?   Don't tell anyone about the advanced technology it took to do what they did.  Or maybe blame it on the aliens.  That's what scientists Watson and Crick did.  They won the Nobel Prize in 1962 for their studies on the complex information transfers that take place in our DNA.  At the 50 year anniversary  of their discovery, they revealed to the world that the complexity of the  information transferred in our DNA is not explainable by evolutionary processes, so therefore they have concluded that the ALIENS DID IT.  It would appear ANYTHING BUT GOD is an acceptable theory.
5.  INVENT A THEORY to deal with any inconsistency  when the evidence does not support the facts.  Can't see stars forming today?  Invent the Oort Cloud, which we cannot see, and say they form there. 
6.  DON'T DEAL AT ALL WITH "ORIGINS", say they are outside of the scope of science.  Wow, who wrote them the pass that gets them off that hook?  Let me get this right -- they can't explain where it all came from, what caused the First Cause.   What was the First Cause that caused the rest?  They are only going to explain all the causes that came after the First Cause, and we are supposed to take their word for it without seeing the evidence?  Well, we don't think they should be let off that hook.  If their theory doesn't explain it from the beginning, we think that takes away the very  foundation of the rest of what they are saying.  Why should we take their word that the rest of the theory is credible?    
7.  Tell people they must choose between  SCIENCE VS. RELIGION.  Tell them they can believe without evidence, which would be religion, or they can believe the evidence, which would be scientific.  And the way they say it implies that smart people would believe the evidence, only really stupid people would believe something in spite of the evidence against it.  Evolutionists get really, really, really mad when you point out that their belief in evolution is actually a religion, since they believe in something that isn't testable or repeatable.  Wow do they get mad. 
The truth of the matter is -- there is NO CONFLICT between science, history and the Bible.  We have 16 Creation Boards that point this out as many times as we could cram into the space!
People need to know that they can trust their Bible as the Word of God, that it is truthful and reliable on all subjects it touches.  If we think the Bible is only partially true, how can we know what part to trust?  This undermines our faith and leads us away from God. 
Going over tests at the Rock County Fair is one of the best parts of the job and often leads to animated discussions about salvation. "Do you know where you will go when you die?" is one of the last questions on some of these tests and we get all kinds of answers. "Heaven" is among the popular answers, to which we always ask, "and what makes you think God will let you in heaven?" Which really gets to the heart of the matter, are you trusting in Jesus Christ and what he did on the cross to cover your sins?
This is our battle plan to expose the censored science and history, and to present the opportunity to accept Jesus as God's Battle Plan to bring us into relationship and eternity with Him.